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Woman, mom, teacher, writer, unicorn-lover, tree-hugger, magic-seeker, fox spirit, crier, human. Writing about life: my years of drinking and my awakening.

On becoming a poet

Image by author

Image by kinkate from Pixabay

Image by author

January 7, 2018 is the day that I made the decision to quit drinking.

a poem of confession

Image by author | Created with ink, water and salt on canvas

10 curated pieces from June and July

Image courtesy of author

A poem of generations

Photo by Lo Sarno on Unsplash

A poem of perpetuity

Image by WikiImages from Pixabay

A poem of reclamation

Photo by Pawan Sharma on Unsplash

A poem of disturbance

Photo by Egor Yakushkin on Unsplash

Vixen Lea

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