Woman, mom, teacher, writer, unicorn-lover, tree-hugger, magic-seeker, fox spirit, crier, human. Writing about life: my years of drinking and my awakening.
Image courtesy of Tracy Price

I write the words on the wing
of a butterfly flapping rings
around the world, speak them through
sliding doors I always miss
as the train zips, rushed away, they
exit two stops down, tucked into a purse
pocket, plucked out weeks later
with a tissue and tumble
down, sidewalk bound, to be tripped
over, kicked like a curb…

Photo by Ruslan Valeev on Unsplash

Wide mouth Solo cup slinging round an s-curve,
I woke up in a hotel room
and more than once a hallway,
the dregs of my brain dragging my body like a corpse.
I lost keys like morals, like scruples, like scholarships and chances,
always coming-to on the other side of the world —
a circumstance…

Image by author

I am the earth ball spinning,
hot at the core and holding life.
They roll out of me,
believing themselves sovereign in the waves,
as if diving under the surface separates them from my gravity,
as if their laughter isn’t tethered to my mycelium.
Their footprints sink and fill and bubble-flat —
my very existence an…

Skye (Vixen Lea) Nicholson

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